Learn to be an Online Producer

Note: The VazztCaster will automatically sense the model of the camera you attach. It will also sense the wireless and wire networks you have enabled on your laptop or netbook and bond them together.


Watch this video to learn more about how VazztCaster works.

Costs, Help and Features

Set Up Your Channels

You can create multiple channels. Your channels can be free to viewers, and you can have more than one channel, at no charge. Vazzt offers producers 5 GB of free data, just for signing up.

Producers have the option of streaming their events for free, or charging pay-per-view (using Paypal to collect a ticket fee).

How to Collect Pay-per-View from Viewers

Open a PayPal account following the prompts at Vazzt, then set up one or more Pay Channels.

• Set your event price on the pay channels – pay-per-view
• Set subscription price (a set of events on a Pay Channel) – paid subscription
You pay $0.25 per Gbyte for Vazzt to video on your web site, and to deliver video from your Vazzt website to the viewers.
You can schedule your events using our event management feature. Your events will be listed like a TV playlist and you will be able to create and sell tickets using this feature.

Sample transmission cost:

If you broadcast at 320x240 resolution with 30 fps from an event to a viewer who watches your live video for 3 hours, Vazzt will transmit about 1.0 Gbyte. For this, you would pay Vazzt $0.25.

For example, if you charged $3.00 for the event, you would collect $3.00 in your PayPal account. PayPal would charge a transaction fee and Vazzt would collect $0.25 from the PayPal account, and you keep the balance. If the viewer watches only 40% of the Event (72 minutes), you owe Vazzt $0.10, even if you collect the full $3.00 from the Viewer.

What if no one watches my event?

You would pay only the $0.25 per Gbyte for delivery of your live video from your Vazzt website to your viewers.

What if you advertise on your own producer website, or use a video switcher like NewTek's TriCaster or Sony's Anycast to add advertising into the live video coverage of an Event?

You keep all the advertising dollars. Remember, Vazzt only charges for the streaming and delivery -- $0.25 per Gbyte.

Use one or more cameras to cover an Event.

A single camera will work fine, but if you want to have multiple camera coverage of your events, you will need a multi-camera platform. Using more than one camera allows you to go from simple to very feature-rich platforms with instant replay, virtual sets, streaming text overlay, game statistics, and much more – at a higher price.
For more info, see our free download Wireless Live Video Portable Production Studio.pdf.

Will Vazzt Make and Store a Recording of my Live Video for Playback?

Not at this time, but Vazzt is currently working on this feature, and it will be available soon.
But your video recording belongs exclusively to you, the producer, and only you. You can put it on YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo, etc., or wherever you'd like.

Now you can record, monetize and broadcast your …
• Concerts
• Sporting events
• Worship
• Remote news coverage
• Courtroom proceedings
• Education and how-to courses
• Conferences and trade shows
• Corporate communications
• Political campaigns

Who Can be an Online Producer?

Internet broadcasters, music artists, athletic directors and sports teams, police and fire department IT staff, emergency workers, citizen journalists, corporate IT staff, brand promoters, video producers, church leaders, wedding event planners, social media videographers, TV broadcasters, TV stringers, website owners … just to name a few.